Automatic corpus-based translation of a spanish framenet medical glossary

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Lexical semantics; WordNet or FrameNet; Spanish; 3LB-LEX; Adesse; English; frames representing; medicine; Editorial Universidad de Sevilla.

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Crespo Miguel, Mario (2021): Automatic corpus-based translation of a Spanish framenet medical glossary. Sevilla: Editorial Universidad de Sevilla (Colección Lingüística, n.º 65). DOI:

Crespo Miguel, Mario

Most projects focused on computational semantics have been developed for English, therefore the importance of this book as a useful resource to carry out semantic analysis in Spanish, a field that is very important for automatic translation and for terminology, lexicography and, in general, for any automatic process in which the lexical content must be taken into account. This work's main aim is, on the one hand, to carry out the selection of FrameNet frames that belong to the domain of medicine and, on the other hand, to connect these FrameNet frames with synsets -equivalents- provided by WordNet, in order to, finally, translate the database into Spanish.

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