Agud Aparicio, Ana María
Ana Agud Ana Agud (San Sebastián 1948) studied Classical Philology in Salamanca and did her PhD in General Linguistics with Eugenio Coseriu in Tübingen, where she studied Philosophy with Josef Simon. She is a retired Professor of Indo-European Linguistics at the Universidad de Salamanca and grant-fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Her main publications are "Historia y teoría de los casos" (Madrid 1981), two commented translations of the Indian Upanishad (into Spanish and German), and "Los poemas del ser y el no ser y sus lenguajes en la historia" (2017), among other books and articles. Besides her work in Indo-European Linguistics she has also published about general and theoretical linguistics, philosophy of language, translation theory, Vedic and Sanskrit literature, cultural, literary, and philosophical comparison, language and music, and aesthetic theory. She has translated into Spanish numerous works, mainly of German philosophy, but also of Indian literature and other subjects.