Migrations in American Theater and Drama: Geographical, Physical, Religious, Musical, and Aesthetic Migrations


¿Cuáles son algunos ejemplos de migraciones geográficas que han influido en el teatro y drama americano?; ¿Cómo ha influido la migración musical en la creación de nuevas formas de teatro y drama en América?; ¿Qué papel han jugado las migraciones estéticas en la evolución del teatro y drama en América?; Editorial Universidad de Sevilla.

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Fernández Martín, Josefa (ed.) (2023): Migrations in American Theater and Drama: Geographical, Physical, Religious, Musical, and Eesthetic Migrations. Sevilla: Editorial Universidad de Sevilla (Colección Literatura, n.º 169).

Fernández Martín, Josefa

People have always been driven to travel across geographical, social, and cultural boundaries in order to find new horizons. These migrations can be difficult and traumatic experiences that result in alienation and rejection, but they can also lead to enriching processes of hybridization and acceptance by the host society. Given that it was founded by immigrants and that theater has evolved from its inception to the present as a melting pot of ideas, styles, trends, and even genres, using the United States as an example to study the phenomenon of migration in the arts and culture is particularly pertinent in this regard. The works compiled in this volume explore the many ways in which migrations have been, and continue to be today, an active factor in shaping American theater and drama in its many forms.

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