SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is the functional unit responsible for the organisation, development, management and control of the publication and diffusion of scientific, technical, cultural and educational works, with special attention given to those undertaken by members of the University Community.

Its objectives are to fulfil the editing, marketing and distribution services for books, scientific journals and other publications, in any media, guided by the search for excellence and awareness of the importance publishing has for the scientific, academic, cultural and social projection of the University of Seville.

Founded in 1938 as the Publications Secretariat, and relaunched in 2015 as SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS, almost 2,000 titles have been produced throughout its existence, of which about 900 compose the current catalogues, with almost 250,000 volumes in circulation. 



SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS, based in Calle Porvenir 27, 41013 Seville, is a functional unit whose main objective is the diffusion of scientific, technical, cultural and educational production, with special attention given to that produced by the members of this University.


The provision and organisation of this service are governed by the General Regulation of Activities to Assist the University Community, in accordance with Article 126.2 of the Statutes of the University of Seville, developed within the Regulating Guidelines for Editorial Board Procedures and within the Regulating Guidelines for Original Publication Procedures, approved by the Governing Council of the University of Seville on 25 February 2010.


To achieve the previously described objectives, SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is responsible for the editing, marketing and distribution of books, journals and other publications, in any media, in accordance with the statutory principles specified in the said Regulation.


The Director of SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS, who is appointed by the Rector from among the members of the University Community, represents SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS and carries out its management and administrative functions.


Also, an Editorial Board, with technical advisory functions, collaborates in determining the editorial guidelines and in considering the scientific or artistic quality of the work and the interest of its publication for the University and Society. This Board is formed by the Director of SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS, who will be its chairperson, and by ten members, teachers of the University, who represent the diverse areas of knowledge and who are appointed by the Director for a period of two years.


The control of the activities of SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS and of its performance corresponds to the Governing Council as the Collegiate Body of Governance of the University.


The organic structure of SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is composed of four operating units which are individually responsible for publishing, administrative management and finance, marketing and diffusion, and storage and distribution.

SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS Quality and Diffusion Policy

SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS has an Editorial Board which, to ensure scientific quality, selects and subjects its publications to evaluations by external specialists (blind peer review). It is also a member of the Spanish University Presses Union (UNE), which reinforces the national and international marketing and diffusion of its publications.

Improvement plan

SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is characterised in the world of university publishing by its constant innovative attitude. Currently, the concept of innovation is parallel to the terms of excellence and quality, hence SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS has total commitment to the general improvement process within the University of Seville. Consequently, within the Strategic Plan of the University of Seville, SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS has created a Quality Improvement Group to define the Mission, Vision and Values, to identify design and layout Processes, establish indicators, set Objectives, draft the Services Charter and the Portfolio of Services, define a Balanced Scorecard, and, finally, proceed with Self-Assessment and Monitoring. The final objective is to obtain total customer satisfaction and to offer a first class service to the University Community in particular, and to Society in general.

Mission, vision and values


To effectively spread knowledge, culture and research by editing, marketing and distribution quality publications.


SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is the natural channel for the transmission of knowledge, culture and research to Society, based on an editorial policy that responds to indicators of quality in the continuous search for excellence.

SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS is known for the professionalism of its members, its commitment to the university institution as a cultural reference and for the excellence of its publications.


  • To be a cultural reference for Society.
  • Promotion and diffusion of culture and research results.
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and transparency in management.
  • Incorporation of new technologies.
  • Rational use of natural resources.
  • Promotion of the internal communication, the motivation and the creativity of its members.
  • Collaboration in the diffusion of thought.