1 Definitive Text

The Editorial Board will only consider those original works whose text is absolutely definitive and have the corresponding permissions of reproduction. Under no circumstances will, projects, summaries, first versions or provisional texts of works be admitted.

2 Intellectual Property

Before presentation to SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS, the original works must be registered by the author or scientific editor in the Intellectual Property Registry, which will be documentarily accredited by means of the presentation of a copy of the corresponding receipt.

3 Illustrations

Where the original includes images and/or figures (photographs, maps, tables, graphs, etc.), and these are by the author themselves, they will have to be certified by means of a signed document, or the author will have to provide, documentarily, the corresponding permissions of reproduction.

4 Presentation

The author will provide SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS with two printed copies of the original in paper format that will not exceed 500 A4 pages, with 3 cm left and right margins and 2.5 cm top and bottom margins, written in Times New Roman font, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. The name of the author must not appear in the copies to maintain anonymity before the reviewers. Any illustrations, tables, maps or graphs must be inserted into their corresponding place in the text, and accompanied by their respective legend or caption. Also, the manuscripts must be presented spiral bound, at least, to facilitate handling. 

In addition, a digital copy of the work will be provided containing:

a) the text of the work in a word processing file (e.g. Word) in which the content is open and totally accessible (a pdf file format is not acceptable). This file will contain only the text, without the insertion of any type of image or illustration.

b) a folder containing the digital archives, one for each one of the illustrations with a file name which specifically identifies each image. The illustrations must be high quality and be filed in JPG or TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in their print size. As an alternative, and exceptionally, original high quality photographs printed on photographic paper may be presented.

c) a list in a word processing file (e.g. Word), in which the content is open and totally accessible (a pdf file format is not acceptable), containing reference to the file name of each image accompanied by the caption or legend of each image.

5 Request forms

Together with the originals, the author must present a duly completed Original Publication Request Form. In the case where there are several authors/coordinators presenting the work, they will each have to complete a personal data sheet (1st page of the form).

6 Collective Original

In the case of collective originals, the authorisation of each and every one of the authors must be provided to the editor/s or scientific coordinator/s of the work, as an essential first step, and is prerequisite for the signing of the corresponding publishing contract. The Form for this authorisation can be downloaded from our Website, and must be signed by each author and accompanied by a copy of their National Identity Document or passport.

7 External Funding

If the publication of the original is going to have external funding, the author or scientific editor must provide documentation from the collaborating organisation committing themselves to the funding and specifying the amount.

8 Selection

In accordance with the Rules and Standards of the University of Seville Original Publications Procedures, the presented originals will be analysed by the Director of SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS. If relevant, and in fulfilment of the basic requirements and editorial policy of the Institution, the presented works will be submitted to the Editorial Board for consideration. If necessary, two technical reports may be requested from experts in the field of the presented work, who will evaluate its quality; the anonymity of its author or authors being maintained at all times. After this reasoned review, the Editorial Board will recommend, to the Director, the acceptance or the need for modification, correction, revision or the rejection of the presented works. This will be communicated in writing to the authors/coordinators by means of the corresponding Decision.

9 Withdrawal of originals

Works which are not accepted may be withdrawn by the authors within the term of twenty working days from the communication of the Decision, with prior presentation of the certificate of admission of the original. If the author requires their work to be returned by post, they must request this in writing, with prior return of the certificate of admission and they must bear costs of the postage. Should the established term elapse without the author collecting their work, it will be destroyed.