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Information on buying, downloading and use of electronic books

How to buy an electronic book?

Choose a book in electronic format:Electronic books to buy can be accessed through SEVILLE UNIVERSITY PRESS by applying the corresponding filter to search results and / or via the category tree of electronic books.

Add to the cart: In the index of the electronic book of your preference, click the cart icon.

Register: If already registered, introduce e-mail address and password in the corresponding place.

If not already registered, you will have register to proceed with the purchase.

The selected book and the amount will appear on the following page.

Buy: Click on “Finalise purchase”. On clicking “Finalise purchase” you are redirected to a secure page where the payment will be charged to your bank card (verify the secure payment gateway with your organisation).

Once the payment is confirmed, an e-mail will be received indicating the link [Download electronic book] to download the book into your computer or reading device.

How to download an electronic book?

The received link will allow the direct download of the electronic book into your computer or reading device.

You have two times to download the electronic book.

How to read an electronic book?

In order to be able to display our electronic books, a PDF file reader needs to be installed on your device. We advise downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader to enable viewing of our electronic books in your reading device. A version can be downloaded from the  Adobe web site.

Once the electronic book is opened there is an integrated navigation system, which can be used to make reading more pleasant and intuitive:

1. Index button on all the pages which take you to the table of contents.

2. The left side bar takes you to the cover of the book.

3. All the sections and subsections of the book are listed in the bookmarks.

Security control device and water mark

The buyer is responsible for the safekeeping and the exclusive personal use of the digital format of the book whose reading rights have been acquired.

The downloaded electronic book incorporates a security control or digital water mark which sends identifying data of the download, to avoid transmission of the work to third parties, and whose use is exclusively personal and non-transferable on the part of the buyer.

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital book or eBook?

An electronic book, also known as a digital book or e-book, is an electronic or digital version of a text for its reading in diverse technological devices.

What can I use the electronic book for, once the reading rights are acquired?

The electronic book is intended for your personal reading, its use being subject to the restrictions derived from the Law on Intellectual Property, which also obliges the identification of the authorship and publisher in any reference or quotation that is used from the work.

What is expressly prohibited for the digital book whose use is acquired?

The sale or transfer to third parties of the digital book, acquired for personal reading, is strictly prohibited.

Can the acquired electronic books be copied for personal reading?

The books acquired in electronic format may only be copied in the appropriate diverse readable media.

Can the digital books be printed?

The text can be printed and/or copied whenever that permission has been authorised by the publisher, for personal use only.

Can I pay for my book in cash or against reimbursement?

No. The digital books can only be paid for with a credit card by online purchase.

Can I buy a digital book by telephone?

No. Being digital products, they can only be bought online.

Must I be connected to the Internet to read the digital book?

No. Once payment has been made and the digital book has been downloaded it is not necessary to have an Internet connection to read it.

I received an error message when downloading my electronic book. What can I do?

To receive assistance, you should send us an e-mail at with the following information:

  • The error message received (with a screen capture if possible).
  • The order number (which appears in the automatic e-mail that we sent you to confirm the purchase)..
  • Model and brand of the reading device and the software used.

The electronic book that I bought displays incorrect or incomplete information. What can I do?

  • To receive assistance, you should send us an e-mail at with the following information:
  • Order Number (which appears in the automatic e-mail that we sent you to confirm the purchase).
  • Title, author and ISBN of the acquired electronic book
  • Model and brand of the reading device and the software used.
  • Details of the error in the electronic book (lack of pages, very small type, etc.).