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Epsom Well

Ed. Impresa

ISBN: 978-84-472-0590-5

Referencia: 480044

Año de Publicación: 2000

Páginas: 182

Formato: 15 x 21 cm

Encuadernación: Rústica

• Shadwell, Thomas
• Gómez Lara, Manuel José
• Mora Sena, María José
• Portillo García, Rafael
• Prieto Pablos, Juan Antonio


Ed. Digital

ISBN-Digital: 978-84-472-1736-6

Año de Publicación: 2015

Páginas: 244

Formato: PDF

Tamaño: 32889 Kb.

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Palabras clave: Epsom Well: Thomas Shadwell; Manuel José Gómez Lara; María José Mora Sena; Rafael Portillo García; Juan Antonio Prieto Pablos; London citizenry; scholarship; comedy; Restoration theatre; Jonsonian tradition of humours; Editorial Universidad de Sevilla.

Edición digital de la primera edición impresa en 2000.

Thomas Shadwell's Epsom Wells (1672) is an amusing portrayal of licentiousness and intrigue among the London citizenry and gentry who frequented the fashionable spa at Epsom, Surrey. This new critical edition, the first since the 1930s, is fully annotated to enable today's reader to enjoy and understand the text to the full. Making use of the most recent scholarship, tge editors put the play in its social and cultural contexts. They cite contemporary accounts of the purgative and supposed procreative powers of Epsom waters -an ideal source for comedy. They also discuss Shadwell within the context of the Restoration theatre by examining his use of wit and repartee, and how he allied himself with the new comedy of manners rejecting the Jonsonian tradition of humours.